The Hin Group is proud to be a company that both recruiters and jobseekers can trust to have their best interests at heart; a company with a self-imposed mandate to deliver the perfect employees to employers and vice versa. Our approach is a holistic one - borne out of a genuine passion for matching the right people to their ideal roles.

It is common within the recruitment industry for agencies to be driven by sales. This leads to time-consuming and challenging roles being de-prioritised and positions being left unfilled.

The Hin Group will not give up until a position is filled consummately - regardless of how long it takes. We do not prioritise clients based on the financial aspects of their vacancies or the renown of their company. This ensures complete satisfaction for both companies looking to recruit and those looking for the perfect job.

With over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing and recruitment, our consultants’ rich industry knowledge means that we are well placed to both find and fill niche positions; so if you are a candidate seeking specialist work, frustrated by an excess of agencies offering generic vacancies or an organisation looking to fill a specialist role, only to find candidates without the necessary skills, get in touch!

What Sets Us Apart?

Over the years, recruitment has become an industry predicated on huge profit margins. Recruiters have shifted from offering a holistic and intimate HR process into a business model that views job openings and their prospective candidates as commodities. People have become statistics and the jobs they are finding are merely helping satisfy a success metric.

We are genuinely conscientious about the work we do; and when that is married to our specialist industry knowledge, we are in a prime position to find people jobs they are passionate about and companies staff they can trust – no matter how niche the role.

We appreciate that we are a cog in a very big wheel and it is our manifesto to satisfy everyone all the time. Recruitment is a process that affects a chain of parties: satisfaction for the jobseeker leads to satisfaction for our clients which in turn leads to satisfaction for their stakeholders – get it right and everyone is happy; and that’s the way we like it!

We are specialists in Recruitment with a profound knowledge and a proven track record within the local labour market. All of our consultants are well versed in tax compliancy, local cultures, employment law and have an established network of relationships built up over years of networking. This means that everyone can spend more time on what they are good at; rather than expending energy on the time-consuming task of hiring the right personnel or finding the right job.

Our approach is 360°; meaning that the same consultant will take prospective candidates through the complete process of their recruitment. This guarantees that jobseekers coming to us can trust in our intimate and specific knowledge of their experience, skillsets and preferences.

We work with fewer clients than most consultants; meaning that our relationships are stronger and more trusting and that through these relationships, we can be 100% compliant with their demands.



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Managing Director, Thomas Hin.

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